It all started when…

The idea of ASAPP came together when our founder, Hamad Al-Khamees, was finishing up his MBA in Sports Management from La Universidad Europea, Escuela del Real Madrid in 2017. He noticed an annoying problem that fans were experiencing when attending games and the huge opportunity that venue owners were missing.

Over the last two years, ASAPP has grown into a diverse team from around the world that is ready to adapt the ASAPP way into stadiums and venues across Asia and Europe. After moving to Qatar in 2018, ASAPP has received full incubation from the Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) and support from Ooredoo to continue developing a platform that will make everyone from fans to owners enjoy events a little more.

Our Team

Between our team members, we share expertise in a variety of fields; Experience in sports marketing & sponsorship in Europe, 10+ years of app development and technology in the United States, social media advertisements & engagement, and business development. We are an international team that blends our cultures and ideas, with skills and expertise. With a shared passion for sports and innovation, ASAPP’s team aims to deliver the best product and service for stadiums around the world.

Letter From our ceo

What all started as a mere idea, something I didn’t think that I would pursue professionally, turned into something where I couldn’t see myself doing anything else right now.

ASAPP, a sport-driven mobile application that enhances stadium-goers’ experience by offering in-seat delivery and express pick-up stations. Providing a new platform that keeps you connected.

Growing up playing sports, attending sports games and even studying sports, it’s safe to say that it dominated my life. My goal was to always be near it. I would love to say that it has always been great, but sports has also given me my hardest times physically and emotionally. Yet, I always seem to gravitate back towards it and honestly, the only thing that can explain it is passion.

ASAPP is offering solutions to problems that almost every sports fan experiences when they attend games and what every venue owner wants to improve to maximize that experience. Something I personally experienced as a fan attending games and missing key moments while standing in line to order something from the concession stand. Problems when I don’t have sufficient cash on me to be able to pay for something. Problems finding my seat when I enter a stadium and argue with someone who claims that I’m sitting in their seat. Problems that fans do not want to deal with when they’re going to support their team and build on their passion. Problems that fans shouldn’t have to experience anymore.

With ASAPP, we aim to build something for the fans, as the fans. I always wanted to work in the sports industry whether as an athlete, employee or an entrepreneur, and this is just our opportunity to do so. Join the ASAPP journey, what do you have to lose?

- Hamad Al-Khamees

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